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Website Creation

Custom website creations personifies your business and mission with current and potential customers looking to shop and learn more about the services and products that you offer.

Our web designer uses the information you provide in the Website Concept Questionnaire, conversations, and market research to provide you with a unique and custom built website. It is tailored around the tone of your business and the necessity for ease of navigation for your users.

How do I get started?

To begin the process of your custom website creation, you will first complete our online Website Concept Questionnaire. The questionnaire is a collection of data regarding your business demographic, business needs, color themes, and processes and apps that will be required for your final website design. Most importantly, market research is performed before any work is done to ensure your website stands out compared to others in your industry.

How does pricing work?

Please keep in mind, the more website pages and rounds of revisions, the higher your final costs will be.

The creation and development of your website occurs in three different stages, which requires payment before any work can be performed.


Stage 1: The first stage is the concept and development phase whereby we are conducting research on your industry and its trends and establishing your color schemes, thumbnail sketches, typefaces, and communication between us.


Stage 2: Next, the design and revisions phase, is the actual work and mockup of your physical design, and any alterations you may wish to see before settling on a final website design.


Stage 3: Lastly, the production and deliverables stage, is the most waited for step! Here, your completed web page, via Wix, will be transferred over to you. At this stage, we can discuss if you wish to keep us on your website as an administrator which makes it possible for us to make any last adjustments or agreed upon future updates. However, typically, it is possible to self manage your website through the site's Dashboard.

FYI - We also create logos and there are packages available for this process as well! Not for nothing, no matter which logo creation package you select, you will receive ownership rights to the final design and source vector files, format guide for how each file extension can be used (i.e. print or web), and monotone variations. Your logo will be a great addition to your final website creation. We'll be here when you are ready!

Ready, Set, Go!

Upon receipt of the completed form and review, we will share the various package options via email with you and their minimum associated costs.

After you have selected the website package that best suits your business needs, you will receive an invoice via email where you may review the details and submit payment. Following that payment, we'll get started on your custom website build.

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